Aftercare / FAQs

Lash Extensions and LVL Lash Lift

Pre appointment preparation

  1. Prior to your appointment please remove all eye makeup or mascara.
  2. If you wear contact please bring case and solution to place your contacts in during the procedure. You can put your contacts in when finished.
  3. If the colour of your eyelashes are very fair then it is recommended you tint them at least 72 hours before treatment.
  4. Do not use eyelash curlers on the day of treatment.

Suitability for eyelash extensions: If you have any of the following, please consult us before proceeding with eyelash extensions

  • Have you had in the past 4 weeks: pink eyes, sty, allergies or any infections etc?
  • Do you have Alopecia, cancer, Thyroid medication, post-partum, Eczema, etc...?
  • Are you prone to itchy eyes or irritation around your eyes from makeup, hay fever or habit?
  • Have you recently had eye laser surgery in the last 4 months?
  • Have you recently had your lashes dyed in the last two days?
  • Have you had your lashes permed in the last three months?


Do eyelash extensions make my own lashes fall out?
No eyelash extensions will not make your own natural lashes fall out. Your own eyelashes has its own growth cycle and will fall out naturally. People lose on average 3-5 lashes a day. We advise not to pick, pull or rub your lashes as this will cause your lashes to fall out prematurely. You should not attempt to remove lash extensions by yourself, or with any product. The procedure requires lash extensions to be professionally removed.
Do you supply a full selection of lash lengths and thicknesses?
Yes - We offer a tailor made service to enhance your eyeshape and meet your needs, using a comprehensive range of lashes. Available in 1 mm increments from 7 mm up to 15 mm lengths and in several thicknesses ranging from super fine (0.05mm) to extra thick lashes (0.25mm). We also have the full range of lash curve which will enable us to create the right image for you according to your lifestyle and preference.
Can I wear mascara?
You can wear mascara but avoid wearing mascara for the first week and do not use waterproof mascara as the properties in waterproof mascara will break down the bonding glue. Ideally mascara should be used on the ends of the eyelash.
Can I still wear eye liner and eye shadow?
You can still wear eye make-up but it is important not use any oil based make-up. The properties in oil-based products will loosen the bonding of the eyelashes. It is also best to avoid creams and make-up removers which contain oil as these will cause the eyelash extensions to fall off your natural lashes.
What should I use to remove my makeup?
The lash industry recommends Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser which is oil free and safe to use with eye lash extensions, this cleanser removes all make up and even waterproof makeup. Using this every other day will not only effectively sanitises your eye lashes but also treat / correct and prevent blepharitis. When washing eyes with eyelash extensions put a small amount in palm of your hand add warm water to create a foam and wash lashes with fingers or preferably use a small soft clean eyeshadow brush to clean in between the lashes then rinse with water, scooping water with hands splashing eyes to rinse off, you can buy this from us here
Can I curl or perm eyelash extensions?
To maintain your eyelash extensions avoid curling, perming and tinting your lashes.
How long do they last?
The average eyelash cycle lasts between 45-90 days however factors such as lifestyle and general after care will affect how long the lashes last, so regular retouches are recommended to keep your eyes looking stunning.
What are in-fills, why do I need them and how often do I need them?
Naturally your lashes will fall out and new eyelashes will grow to replace the ones that have fallen out. To maintain beautiful long lashes infills will be needed to replace the lost lashes, our clients usually return every 3-5 weeks for touch ups. Infills done via other technicians will only be considered if they meet our high level of standards, and a minimum 1.5h service is required on their first infill visit to us
Do I have to get a full set of eyelash extensions?
A full set of eyelash extensions is always recommended for a consistent blended effect, although half sets are available for those who want to trial suitability, or achieve an extremely subtle effect or corner flicks.
Are the eyelash extensions glued to my skin?
The eyelash extensions are not glued onto the skin, only on your natural lash.
Is the eyelash glue and glue remover safe?
Yes we only use quality and CE Approved products, both are perfectly safe . There is a certain amount of eyelash adhesive material which will be used to attach the artificial lashes to the existing eyelashes. During or after the procedure adhesive material may become dislodged which may irritate the eyes, in which case the eye should be flushed with water and in rare cases further follow-up care may be needed.
What are the differences between these lashes?
Before we start your treatment we will have a quick consultation to ascertain the look you would like to achieve, we will also assess your eye shape and lashes before recommending the most suitable lash type to complement your natural lashes, a brief description of the main differences of our lashes are outlined below.
Synthetic Lashes
Thicker in appearance and heavier. They are used to create a fuller and darker appearance from the base to the tip of the eyelashes. These will hold their curve as they are more rigid, only suitable for those who have very strong lashes.
Faux Mink lashes
Lighter in weight, softer, and more flexible than regular synthetic lashes. These lashes have been manufactured to the highest standards and therefore more longer lasting, because they are very light and hold their curve well, they are highly recommended for every day wear. The effect is very natural.
Siberian Mink lashes
Extremely soft, flexible and natural, they are collected by brushing the mink, the fallen fur is then delicately sterilised, dyed and prepared by hand. These are hypo-allergenic. The surface area ratio of these lashes are closer to your own lashes then the faux mink or synthetic lashes so the 100% real mink lashes are not suitable for clients who wants a very dark and thick look. They last longer than their synthetic counterparts, and are noticeably lighter, softer and feathery. At least 2 hours application time recommended to achieve the best results.
Russian Volume Lashes / 2d-10d Lashes
Achieve natural-looking but lots of lashes. These lashes are suitable for everyone no matter whether you are after the most natural or the most intense dramatic look. These premium lashes also make a huge difference to clients with naturally sparse lashes, this advanced technique is the application of super fine lashes on a natural lash to create volume. The outcome is gorgeous fluttery volume, without the weight, they are so comfortable to wear you don't even notice them on. As these lashes are so soft and flexible they lasts longer than the classic 1-1 lash technique. You can have 2 or many more lashes per natural lash. Multi lashing has just started to hit the beauty world in the UK, and is also known as 3D lashes or volume lashes. Do not get these confused with cluster lashes, Russian Volume cause no damage to your natural lashes and they are of the highest quality and are currently the softest in the industry. At least 2 hours application time.


How does it work?
Length, Volume and Lift - LVL is a ground breaking new technique that lifts your own natural lashes, without using extensions, to create a wide-eyed, younger look. This completely new technique uses an innovative, new silicon shield to lift the eyelashes from the roots. The result is breathtakingly longer looking lashes and wide, youthful eyes. The combination of a silicon shield, a new gel formulation and a tint create the illusion of extra length and thickness, and you get a remarkable uplift and a tint to define the eyes. There's no need for mascara, although it can be used to intensify the look.
Can I choose the kind of lift I have?
Yes, there are 3 levels of lift from the most dramatic to something more subtle.
What will prevent me having the LVL Lashes treatment?
Pregnancy and nursing, and any eye infections. Also not suitable who uses eye drops daily to soothe dry eyes.
Do I need a patch test for the treatment?
Although it is very rare that people have reactions, a patch test is recommended at least 24 hrs before your treatment, please click here to request a patch test, £5 will be required for this and is redeemable against our services.
Will this treatment damage my eyelashes?
No, this treatment does not damage your natural eyelashes. A deep nourishing gel is applied at the end of the treatment to moisturise and condition your lashes.
Does the treatment hurt?
No, this is a very gentle treatment where your eyes are closed, some clients fall asleep during this treatment.
How will my lashes look as time goes on?
Your eyelashes naturally grow and fall out on a cycle of approximately 3 months. Your lash lift will fall nice and evenly towards the end of the 6-8 weeks and any new lashes that grow will blend in.
How long do the results last?
The results last on average between 6-8 weeks.
How often can I have the treatment & is there maintenance?
You can have the LVL Lashes treatment every 6-8 weeks or for a special ocassion, there is no need to worry about upkeep.
Is there anything I need to do before or after?
Once you have allowed 24 hour for the patch test please do not wear eyemake up prior to your appointment. After the treatment avoid getting them wet or rubbing them, do not apply creams and mascara for at least 24 hours.
Can I wear mascara?
You may wear mascara to intensify the effect.


Your extensions will last the entire life cycle of your own lashes and depending on how well you look after them. Clients usually return every 4 weeks before having their first maintenance.

To prolong the life of your lashes after treatment

First 24 hours:
  • Do not allow water, sweat, oils or creams to come in contact with your new lashes.
First 36 hours:
  • Although lashes may come in contact with water, in the first 36 hours only please refrain from any facial treatments which uses steam or hot water on your face, and avoid steam baths.
  • It is important you remove eye make up properly using a pointed cotton bud to prevent any build up of make up, dust and bacteria, gently wipe along the eyelid with a clean wet pointed cotton bud, you may use an oil free eye make up remover
After 48 hours:
  • You may swim and shower without worrying about your lashes.
  • ou may occasionally visit the sauna or steam rooms. However going on a daily basis may cause earlier maintenance as the lashes could prematurely fall off or tilt in a different direction from your natural lash
  • You may use a special water based mascara on the lash tip, however you would probably not need to use this for at least two weeks. (Water based mascara is available to buy from us, please ask
Please note:
  • Do not use mascara, lotions or any creams near your new lashes as these will affect the bonding of the lashes.
  • Do not perm your lashes.
  • Do not use a lash curler, as it will break both the extensions and natural lashes.
  • Do not rub your eyes or your new lashes when washing your face, always pat face dry after cleansing.